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Who We Are

Our Journey, Values, and Vision

Over the years

The business gained repute and the nature of trading evolved with market changes

Our continuous efforts consequently paved the way to attaining a leading position in Libya’s comprehensive and integrated trading & services industry.

Mayez Holding currently oversees several leading and specialized companies in diverse fields: integrated air conditioning solutions, home electrical appliances and services, contracting and real estate investment, oil services, and information technology equipment and services. Recent expansions have introduced the first e-commerce company in Libya, a maintenance and services company, and a pharmaceuticals and medical equipment company to our portfolio.

Our group’s esteemed standing in the Libyan market and beyond is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, the diligent efforts and accomplishments of our employees, and the foresight of our founders. This triad of values continues to propel Mayez Holding to grow, adapt to market evolutions, and expand our operations. Our expertise in trade, both locally and regionally, now extends our footprint to various countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Turkey, Libya, and Egypt.

Our Values


Our business activities revolve around the satisfaction of our customers; we provide them with the best products and services.


We are committed to our credibility and guarantee the highest quality standards in our products and services.


Social changes affect companies and their working environment. Accordingly, we participate in developing and enriching the societies where we operate.


Our employees play a key role in maintaining our success; we induce their initiative and innovation by providing them with continuous training.