Al-Ta’adhod Group

A sister company of “Mayez Holding” and the exclusive agent in Qatar for (GREE) products and services.

Qatar Style Decor

A Qatar-based company that is active in the field of designing and implementing distinguished and elegant interior designs.

Mersin Company

The exclusive agent for “Hommer”, a leading trademark in the Libyan market, where “Mayez Holding” is a major shareholder therein.

Akdeniz Company

Active in the field of general contracting and real estate investment, and is currently located and operating exclusively in Libya.

Muzin Company

Active in the field of electromechanical contracting in Libya, andoffering a wide range of services such as designing, supplying and installation of air-conditioning


Offers advanced and integrated solutions in the field of information technology (IT) for all sectors.

Asas Company

Provides light maintenance for various buildings and facilities in Libya, in addition to administrative and support services to a number of real estate projects.

Welcome to Mayez Holding

“Mayez Holding” was established by a group of executive partners to provide comprehensive and integrated products and services according to the highest international standards, aiming at meeting the community’s economical…

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Our Mission

“Mayez Holding” was established by a group of executive partners to provide comprehensive and integrated products and services according to the highest international standards, aiming at meeting the community’s economical….

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“Mayez Holding” was established by a group of executive partners to provide comprehensive and integrated products and services according to the highest international standards, aiming at meeting the community’s economical, commercial, and humanitarian objectives.

“Mayez Holding” is the parent company for a group comprising of several leading companies specialized in different industries, including air-conditioning, electrical home appliances and services, contracting and real estate investment, oil-related products and services,and information technology equipment and services.

“Mayez Holding” acquired its prominent position inside and outside the Libyan market through its customer satisfaction standards, its employees’ efforts and accomplishments,and its founders’ vision, which has allowed the group to grow, take advantage of the changes and development initiatives in the Libyan market, and broaden its activities and operations.

“Mayez Holding” founders started their business activities almost one hundred years ago in fabrics and spices trading, which at that time was considered one of the most important fields of trade in the Libyan market. Since then, they gained a strong reputation in the Libyan business community, which consequently paved their way to capitalize on market changes and developments and attain a leading position throughout the evolution of the comprehensive and integrated services industry in Libya.


To be the pioneers in providing high quality products and services for our customers and thecommunity, and to achieve continuous growth through our commitment to our values.


To continuously cope with market developments and provide the latest products in order to contributeto building the community and participate in its growth through adopting the highest standards within aframework of comprehensive and integrated services.

Corporate Governance

“Mayez Holding” has been keen to formulate a clear vision regarding the application of corporate governance best practices since its early beginnings. Accordingly, a corporate governance charter was developed to govern the relationship between the owners, BOD, and the executive management, identifying the responsibilities and duties of each, as well as setting policies that address owners’ long term values and dealing with conflicts of interest.

The system also shows the group’s strategic roadmap and sheds light on the group’s strategic objectives for years to come.

“Mayez Holding” recognizes the importance of community service and its effects on the group’s growth and success. Therefore, we strive to maintain a positive role in the community, and continuously look for evolutionary ways for improvement that canfurther benefit members of this community.

We have adopted several approaches to fulfill our objectives towards the community by providing job opportunities for Libyan youth, training large number of job seekers that are keen to join the Libyan workforce, andhosting a number of social and cultural activities that aim at developing the Libyan community.

Our Values

Customers: Our customers are the reason why we do business; our activities revolve around their satisfaction through providing them with the best products and services.

Quality: We are committed to our credibility and thus proving the highest standards of quality in our products and services.

Employees: Our employees play a key role in maintaining our success; we induce their initiative and innovation through providing them with continuous training.

Community: We believe that business is inseparable from community, thus, social changes substantially affect companies and their working environment. Accordingly, we make sure to participate in developing and enriching societies we operate in.

Our Team

Our team members serve our motto “One Team, One Spirit “by aspiring to providing the best products within a framework of distinguished service, based upon our corporate values and the concept of continuous development.

Our executive team have exceptional capabilities and expertise in their fields of work, which vary from electrical and civil engineering to marketing and strategic planning. The group constantly thrives to improve and develop its employees’ competencies and provide them with the best skills and qualifications, in order to enhance their performance and eventually achieve the group’s strategic goals.

Towards the Future

In recognition of the huge investment and development opportunities currently available in the Libyan market, such as the significant shortage of the number of international services, brands, and trademarks, and especially after the recent development initiatives in Libya,

We at “Mayez Holding” are committed to expanding our local and regional activities by taking advantage of fresh opportunities to penetrate new markets and other potential investment areas subject to our qualifications, distinctions, and diverse expertise. This is supported by the advantage of having liaison offices in Dubai, which are responsible for the coordination of the group’s communication channels, as well as acquiring franchises of international brands.