Corporate Profile

“Mayez Holding” was established by a group of executive partners to provide comprehensive and integrated products and services according to the highest international standards, aiming at meeting the community’s economical, commercial, and humanitarian objectives.

“Mayez Holding” is the parent company for a group comprising of several leading companies specialized in different industries, including air-conditioning, electrical home appliances and services, contracting and real estate investment, oil-related products and services, and information technology equipment and services.

“Mayez Holding” acquired its prominent position inside and outside the Libyan market through its customer satisfaction standards, its employees’ efforts and accomplishments, and its founders’ vision, which has allowed the group to grow, take advantage of the changes and development initiatives in the Libyan market, and broaden its activities and operations.

“Mayez Holding” founders started their business activities almost one hundred years ago in fabrics and spices trading, which at that time was considered one of the most important fields of trade in the Libyan market. Since then, they gained a strong reputation in the Libyan business community, which consequently paved their way to capitalize on market changes and developments and attain a leading position throughout the evolution of the comprehensive and integrated services industry in Libya.